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Several thousand years ago when people began trading bushels of barley for gaggles of geese, they needed a way to keep track of those transactions. So, those resourceful villagers developed symbols for their products and a funny way of numbering them, then they etched that information into tree trunks and whatever flat stones they could find. Thus, writing was born.

The bards of the day, skeptical of that trendy little development called writing, didn’t believe that the true essence of a story could be relayed with simple squiggly lines scratched onto wood. A good story – an epic story – had to be sung, even dramatized. But countless wonderful stories were lost with the ages, and the bards lamented. So, they took a deep breath and made that brave leap. They became literate, leaving song and verse behind, giving up one form or art for another.

And they didn’t regret it.

I suppose it was because the bards discovered a new way of conveying emotions to more and more people over centuries and centuries. Who would have thought it? Squiggly lines not only captured, but communicated pain, fear, passion, joy, and sadness to someone miles away, years away. Reading and writing expanded the imagination in a growing world thirsty for knowledge. Reading promoted writing, and writing promoted reading.

Centuries passed, and words became more and more powerful. Writers enthralled the masses. Readers grew their minds. The world became the world we know due to writing. We pass along not only information, but stories. Our stories breathe culture into our culture.

So, as you endeavor in this week’s Read-a-thon, reflect back on the wonderful journey which brought that book into your hands. A story anxiously waits to tickle your imagination with little squiggly lines pressed onto paper. Your mind will grow, and so will you.

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Fear strangles us when we must to scream.  It paralyzes us when we have to run.  It consumes us in the night more completely than the darkness.  Fear swirls our emotions into a dervish of excitement and dread.

When you fear, you realize you have something to lose and that loss will be painful.  It might  be physical or emotional pain.  But you know it’s going to hurt.

In Shadowflesh, Aileen finds herself fleeing from her fears only to run smack straight back into them.  When her life and her fears push her to the edge, rather than look down, Aileen peers into the eyes of Addison only to find what scares her more than anything in the world.

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ImageShawn Martin, author of Shadowflesh

Writing a book is a wonderful adventure.  I do most of my writing between midnight and 4 am, when I find the fewest distractions from the real world and when I find it easiest to fall into another world.  My inhibitions melt away and my inner muse comes out to play.

But marketing the book I’ve sold – that’s a different story.  I’m sure it will be fun, kind of like riding a bicycle.  My publisher helped me take the training wheels off, patted me on the back, and gave me a gentle push.  I’ve fallen down a few times, but I keep picking myself up, dusting off the dirt and ignoring the skinned knees.  The days of a writer sitting in his study, puffing on a pipe in a smoking jacket, sipping brandy, are a myth.

When I heard Shadowflesh was released 9 days early, I was on cloud nine.  Then I went to Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites, only to find my first and last names had been transposed on each listing.  Clouds are often illusions filled with rain.

Well, I’m back on the bike with a new box of Band-aids in my pocket.

Check out Shadowflesh at Amazon or B&N.  Or visit http://www.shadowflesh.comImage 

On your marks.  Get set…  And wait.

But not for much longer.  Shadowflesh is scheduled to be released on February 28, 2013.

You ask, what is ShadowfleshShadowflesh is the first novel in paranormal series which follows Aileen through a deadly romantic adventure.  Shadowflesh is destined to fall into your hands, absorbed into your mind, and consumed by your heart.

Who is Shadowflesh?  Another good question.  Three hundred years ago, a woman with deadly talents and questionable motives killed Addison Wake.  Rather than floating off to heaven or sinking into the depths of hell, Addison’s soul is imprisoned by his killer.  From time to time over the centuries, the enchantress releases Addison into the mortal world on a short leash to gather up the souls of the living for her to feed upon.  Addison’s shadowy soul emerges from his prison as Shadowflesh, a phantom searching for victims.  He has no intention of falling in love, but fate thrusts him into the arms of Aileen.

You can’t kill Shadowflesh – they are already dead.  However, Shadowflesh can be banished from the mortal world.

I look forward to sharing Shadowflesh with you.  You can follow its progress at Vinspire Publishing

Shawn Martin

Author of the upcoming novel Shadowflesh

Image coming in 2013

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