Fear strangles us when we must to scream.  It paralyzes us when we have to run.  It consumes us in the night more completely than the darkness.  Fear swirls our emotions into a dervish of excitement and dread.

When you fear, you realize you have something to lose and that loss will be painful.  It might  be physical or emotional pain.  But you know it’s going to hurt.

In Shadowflesh, Aileen finds herself fleeing from her fears only to run smack straight back into them.  When her life and her fears push her to the edge, rather than look down, Aileen peers into the eyes of Addison only to find what scares her more than anything in the world.

Visit http://www.shadowflesh.com and tell me what you scares you more than anything else in this world, or any other world for that matter, for your chance to win a signed copy of Shadowflesh.


ImageShawn Martin, author of Shadowflesh