Writing a book is a wonderful adventure.  I do most of my writing between midnight and 4 am, when I find the fewest distractions from the real world and when I find it easiest to fall into another world.  My inhibitions melt away and my inner muse comes out to play.

But marketing the book I’ve sold – that’s a different story.  I’m sure it will be fun, kind of like riding a bicycle.  My publisher helped me take the training wheels off, patted me on the back, and gave me a gentle push.  I’ve fallen down a few times, but I keep picking myself up, dusting off the dirt and ignoring the skinned knees.  The days of a writer sitting in his study, puffing on a pipe in a smoking jacket, sipping brandy, are a myth.

When I heard Shadowflesh was released 9 days early, I was on cloud nine.  Then I went to Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites, only to find my first and last names had been transposed on each listing.  Clouds are often illusions filled with rain.

Well, I’m back on the bike with a new box of Band-aids in my pocket.

Check out Shadowflesh at Amazon or B&N.  Or visit http://www.shadowflesh.comImage