On your marks.  Get set…  And wait.

But not for much longer.  Shadowflesh is scheduled to be released on February 28, 2013.

You ask, what is ShadowfleshShadowflesh is the first novel in paranormal series which follows Aileen through a deadly romantic adventure.  Shadowflesh is destined to fall into your hands, absorbed into your mind, and consumed by your heart.

Who is Shadowflesh?  Another good question.  Three hundred years ago, a woman with deadly talents and questionable motives killed Addison Wake.  Rather than floating off to heaven or sinking into the depths of hell, Addison’s soul is imprisoned by his killer.  From time to time over the centuries, the enchantress releases Addison into the mortal world on a short leash to gather up the souls of the living for her to feed upon.  Addison’s shadowy soul emerges from his prison as Shadowflesh, a phantom searching for victims.  He has no intention of falling in love, but fate thrusts him into the arms of Aileen.

You can’t kill Shadowflesh – they are already dead.  However, Shadowflesh can be banished from the mortal world.

I look forward to sharing Shadowflesh with you.  You can follow its progress at Vinspire Publishing http://vinspirepublishing.com/

Shawn Martin

Author of the upcoming novel Shadowflesh

Image coming in 2013